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How to crack KCET 2022?: It will be conducted by The Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) under the purview of Karnataka University in offline mode. KCET is a gateway for candidates seeking admission into the undergraduate engineering and health sciences programmes offered at colleges in the state. Candidates seeking admission must prepare themselves in a good manner to pass the exam. We all know that there is a tough competition in KCET and candidates need a quality preparation to crack the exam. There are 'n' number of ways to prepare for KCET or any competitive exam. It is the hard work and determination of a candidate that makes the way to success.  Several coaching institutes are guiding candidates and providing tips and tricks to qualify KCET, which is good. 

On the other hand, there are ways to crack KCET without coaching. For that, all that a candidate need is right approach, proper understanding of KCET exam pattern & syllabus and regular study. So, check the steps to crack KCET 2022 without coaching below.

How to crack KCET 2022 exam without coaching?

The right attitude supported with a smart strategy can help candidates to ace in the exam and yield better results. Here we bring you a study plan on how to crack KCET without coaching. The following tricks will assist in a smooth KCET exam preparation which will eventually help to nail a good score.

1. Thorough the syllabus

The initial step for candidates planning to crack an examination is to study the exam syllabus. Exam syllabus comprises topics that are important to cover whilst your exam preparation. Studying KCET syllabus and chapter wise weightage will help candidates to perform better in the exam. KCET syllabus has been prescribed by the Department of Pre – University Education of Karnataka and is similar to the 1st and 2nd year of Pre University Courses.  The exam syllabus covers topics from all the fours subject of the exam namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

2. Focus on important chapters

While it is always recommended to cover the complete exam syllabus, referring to some of the chief topics will do no harm. Important chapters for KCET are listed basis the number of times they show up in the KCET question paper and their weightage. Once the KCET syllabus has been thoroughly revised, taking a glance at the KCET important topics and chapter wise weightage will give candidates an idea on some of the chief topics to focus on. Since these topics have more weightage in the exam, focusing on them will help candidates to score more and field better results in the KCET 2022 exam.

3. Prepare a study plan   

Preparing a well-strategised study plan is one among the most important tricks on how to crack KCET without coaching. A study plan should be prepared for both long and short term goals. One of the major advantages of devising a study plan is that it will help KCET aspirants to streamline their exam preparation and also evaluate their performance basis the progress made by them. It is always recommended to start with early exam preparation as this will allow enough time to be equally attentive to all the chapters involved in KCET syllabus.

4. Regular revision

More than being regular it is advisable to timely revise the chapters in KCET syllabus. At times, candidates tend to lose hold on certain chapters due to lack of revision. Now, this will not be repeated if your timely revise the chapters. Also, revising from notes is much easier than revising the complete chapters.  

5. Keep your facts clear 

Try and keep all the facts clear and leave no scope of doubts. In case any doubts are budding inside your mind, make sure you put in all efforts to get clarity on them. With a lot of doubts budding in, it will be difficult for exam aspirants to get a hold on concepts. So, it is important and also advisable to do away with all the doubts to be able to perform better in the exam.

6. Solve previous year papers and mock tests

Every exam topper advice exam aspirants to solve as many mock tests and sample papers as possible in order to ace in the KCET exam with a better score. Talking on how will this practice assist in successful exam preparation? Solving mock tests and previous year KCET question papers will give candidates a real-time exam day feel. This will tend to eliminate any last minutes surprises for candidates on the exam day. Solving PYPs will also give exam aspirants an idea about the type of questions and marking scheme in the KCET question paper. They can also compile their list of KCET important topics basis the PYPs they take up for the KCET exam preparation.

7. Time management

Time management plays an important role when devising a study plan on how to crack KCET without coaching. With time management what we mean is that KCET aspirants should devote equal time to all the topics involved in KCET syllabus. At the same time, they should also manage time to solve mock tests & sample papers and also revise the topics they have studied earlier.

Anxious to know how can all this be achieved? Well, devising a time table will help candidates to gain expertise in the skill of time management and achieve the coveted goal. Also, make sure that you strictly follow the schedule mentioned and do not make changes unless required.

8. Believe in Yourself, Stay Motivated

Don’t get let yourself get demotivated. Eating healthy and staying motivated is necessary to prepare well for any exam. “You just have to believe in yourself as I always keep saying to my students “No one is born genius it’s just one’s hard work and never giving up attitude that creates all the difference."


Other Tips to Prepare for KCET 2022

The list below mentions some extremely useful tips candidates must adhere to while preparing for KCET.

  • The 1st and 2nd PUC syllabus includes everything that you have learned in school. If you are still a student and wish to appear for KCET a year or two from now, then the lessons you study now are the most important ones. Pay attention to everything being taught and get your concepts cleared by your teacher.

  • NCERT books are extremely important when studying for KCET 2022. Get yourself NCERT books and start your studies from that. It is observed that questions from NCERT are most common.

  • You should also purchase books by Arihant, Dinesh, S. Chand, R.D. Sharma, Wiley’s and Bosco.

  • There are also other books available that have MCQ questions with solutions.

  • Practice is always the key. Even if you have all your concepts clear, it is still important to practice the question papers from previous years. Practicing will help you build a speed.

  • Solving past 10 years question papers, mock tests and sample paper will help you to identify which topics have the maximum weightage.

  • The more you solve the easier it will be to recognize which topics you need to study more.

  • Set a timer. For every paper you practice, set a time of 70 minutes and try to finish the paper in this time frame. This will help you to ensure that you finish your KCET 2022 paper on time on the exam day.

  • First, attempt the questions you know the answers to and come back to the ones you skipped after you have finished all the questions you know the sure shot answers to.

  • Since there is no negative marking, you should ensure you attempt all the questions even if you are not sure about the correct answer. Try not to leave questions un attempted.

Good Luck !

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