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SVCE Library

About Library

In this “Information age,” it is a well-known fact that an “Information-rich” student becomes richer than an “Information poor” student.  Library’s goal is to make all our students' Information-rich.  “Silence, Service, User education” are the three important functions on which the library and Information center operates.  It is true that the Information center is the heart of any institution.  An Institution can get its name and fame through a well-equipped library and its services.  The library is situated in the right-wing of the main building spread over 819.15 sq,m with a seating capacity of 150.​

Library Automation:

Library services are computerized and automated by using LIBSOFT library management software with the OPAC facility.  The library has adopted an open access system and all the books are bar-coded and circulation is maintained through LIBSOFT library management software by using a barcode scanner.

Auto e-mail component of Libsoft: 

This is an innovative method by which a user automatically gets an e-mail whenever his/her book is overdue.

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